Fabric Transfer - Hydrangea 06

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How to use Fabric Transfer:

Prepare your fabric - Lay the fabric neatly and flat (Iron your fabric if required, so that the transfer will adhere well)

Cut out the fabric transfer image of your choice, there is no need to cut in details

After cutting out the fabric transfer, remove the white paper at the back, paste the fabric transfer cutting in a suitable position on the fabric

Put a baking paper /teflon sheet /handkerchief over the fabric transfer before ironing (this is to prevent over ironing that cause yellowing of the fabric base, also to prevent melting the protective plastic on the fabric transfer)

Set your iron to cotton, press your iron with some pressure on your baking paper, press and iron for about 3 seconds (repeat 2-3 times, lifting your iron in between), let it cool down down before tearing off the top protective firm.

If you notice any edges not adhering well, place your baking paper over your image , and iron the area again.

Size of transfer : A4