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Commonly Asked Questions about our classes

Where can I find your Class Schedule?
We do not have a "fixed class schedule", most of our workshops happen on Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays. Students can let us know their preferred time so that we can arrange with our instructors. 
How can I sign up for your class?

1) Book your appointment with us.

    - you can do booking with us personally at our store in Jurong East; OR

    - fill up the booking form below and click send ; OR

    - call our course coordinator at 87002441 (during operating hours : Tues 11am-7.30pm, Thurs 11am - 

       7.30pm and Sat 11am - 3pm ) for booking enquiries ; OR

    - email us: 


2) Proceed with Registration.

Once your booking appointment is confirmed with us, you need to proceed with registration. Registration can be done via the following methods

    - $10 deposit registration at our store at Jurong East  (Blk 131, Jurong Gateway Road, #04-249)  ; OR

    - $10 deposit registration via interbank transfer ; OR

    - $10 deposit registration via paynow

     -  Paypal (Full payment required using paypal )

And we will need your full name, contact number and email address to facilitate course arrangement.


Venue of workshop
Currently, we only have one venue for our workshops. 
If I am interested in your workshop but cannot make it for your suggested timing, can I arrange for an alternative dates or timing?
We have different instructors undertaking different projects. We will do our best to arrange with our instructors.  
Can I walk-in for the class and pay on the day of the class?
We do not have walk-in classes. Pre-booking (at least 1 week in advance) and registration(at least 3 days in advance) is required, and subjected to classroom/materials availability. 
What are the courses that you have? And how much are the fees?
Students can choose what projects they like to learn, and prices for each project varies. You can refer to the following links to the workshops we have. Prices are also listed for each project. Note that the prices are inclusive of materials (except decoden related projects)
You can refer to our courses listed online (
You can also view our workshops by the following categories.
Bracelets Workshop
Earrings Workshop
Chokers/Necklace/Pendants Workshop
Jewelry Set Workshop (A set of matching jewelry)
Watch Making Workshop
Ring Making Workshop
Figures Making Workshop (3D projects )
Lifestyle Workshop (not relating to jewelry, like pens, handphone casing)
Brooch Making Workshop
Dress Beading Workshop
Paper Quilling Workshop
I don't know how to choose...I would like to learn ALL the basic techniques and start making my own jewelry to sell for some sideline income. Is there any package that teach me all the techniques?
Yes, we have packages that target at techniques. For example , Back to Basics package target at basics of wirework, crochet, stitching , weaving, knotting, twisting, wrapping that would give you a good foundation of being a jewelry artist. We have a few other packages that specialize in specific techniques as well. These packages focus on techniques deemed appropriate for beginners and therefore projects are fixed and carefully selected by the instructor to give you a more complete hands-on experience. Timing of workshops will be arranged at convenient time for both students and instructors. And we do have instalment plan for payment. When students complete the package, they will receive a certificate certified by SWAROVSKI with our school.
Can I customized my workshop?
We do not have customized workshop. But based on your requirement, we will be able to suggest relevant workshops with similar techniques.
Are the prices inclusive of materials ? Do we get to keep the pieces we make during the class?
Yes, prices are inclusive of materials unless otherwise stated. Yes, you get to keep the pieces you make during the class.
How many students are there per class ? Where are the courses conducted? Do you do offsite workshops?
We conduct our workshops in Jurong East Central (can accommodate 1 to 20 students). This is subjected to change depending of which phase of covid restriction we are in.  Our jewelry making workshop stretch from one-to-one session to corporate teambuilding session. We also conduct off-site workshops and workshops for parties and events. Some of our corporate clients include KBS, SK-II, MediaCorp, Credit Suisse, Loreal, YMCA, CSC, BHP, Community Clubs, RCs and PA Association.  
How long are each courses? And do we need to bring any tools for the workshop
Most of our projects for beginners can be completed within 2- 2.5 hours unless otherwise stated. Students need not bring any tools with them. All tools required are provided during the class.
I have no experience in jewelry making at all, are your projects suitable for beginners?
Yes, most of our projects are designed for beginners unless other stated. For intermediate classes, it will be indicated "intermediate" and beginner experience is required before sign-up
Are the courses conducted in English ?
Our teachers are able to speak both english and chinese. 
Are your projects suitable for kids or children?
For children's workshop, you can refer to our kids workshop category
lf I am a jewelry making teacher myself, can I teach at your store?
We welcome jewelry making creators who are capable of "creating" projects using materials available in our store. Interested teachers can contact our course coordinator at 87002441 to arrange for interview.
Workshop Booking Form
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(Example :
Wrapped Ring Workshop
Watch-out Workshop)

(Example : Tuesday Morning or Thursday afternoon or Saturday afternoons)
It would be helpful if you can provide a few alternative dates to facilitate arrangement with our instructors. Please note that suggested schedule indicated on our project pages are timing that instructors are available for booking. Our class booking are subject to
1) Materials availability
2) Instructor's schedule availability
3) Classroom availability
Booking must be at least 1 week in advance