Decoupage with Calambour Certification Course Package (Beginner)


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Italian Decoupage Course with CALAMBOUR

[Basic CALAMBOUR Certificate Course, Italy]

Calambour is an established Italian firm, in the production of decorative paper for decoupage including decoupage rice paper, decorative mulberry paper used specially for decoupage purpose. We are happy to have these papers in our store now. BeadtleSweetis now able to issue Calambour (Italy) certificate for students in Singapore.  

Calambour certificate programme consists of 6 mandatory projects required by Calambour(Italy) syllabus. In this calambour certificate programme, students will be taught the basics of using these high quality patented decoupage papers onto modified wood, natural wood & glass surfaces using various painting effects. The texture of these papers are much different from napkins and the techniques using them will certainly be beneficial to all craft artists.

Technique Covered :

- Sponge
- Paper Lace
- Tanning
- Distressing
- Under Glass
- Gold Gilding

Schedule :

- Tuesday or Thursday
Saturday Evening or 
- Sunday
(Please call 87002441 to fix appointment) 

Details :

1) Students are required to complete all 6 projects to qualify for the certificate. Students will be able to bring back their finished pieces

2) All projects can be completed within 6 sessions. Intensive crash course can be arranged in 4 days for overseas students.

3) Each session is about 3-4 hours

4) Price is inclusive of all materials required for the workshops 

5) Students who completed all projects will be awarded a Calambour Certificate of Completion endorsed by Calambour Italy & Sifa Decoupage

6) This course does not use any napkin paper. Original Calambour paper from Italy will be used during the class.


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