Master Decoupage with Mixed Media Course Package (Part 1) (Beginner)

Mixed Media Part 1
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Product Overview

Master Decoupage with Mixed Media

(Part 1 : Napkin Application & Texturing)

What is Decoupage?

Decoupage is the art or craft of decorating objects with paper cut-outs. However, many types of papers can be used in the process accompanied by special effects created using different types of painting methods and painting medium. And application using different paper varies due to the different thickness and texture of paper used.   

Starting with Paper Napkins & Texturing :

Paper Napkins are popular choices among beginners as they can be easily found in the market. and available in varieties of design. Napkins might be thin and restricted by the size, but if handled with care, they can be used to make beautiful crafts and art piece.

Number of projects covered in Part 1:

5 projects including
- Jewelry box
- Tissue box
- Clock
- Tray
- Book Cover

Techniques Covered in Part 1:

- Wet and Dry Application
- Feather Stroke Painting
- Sponging Technique
- Application on wood & plastic
- Dry Brush Technique
- Metallic Effects
- Country Crackle Effects
- 3D Effects using Napkin
- European Crackle Effects
- Stacking
- Sponge Blending

Schedule :

- Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday
(Please call 87002441 to fix appointment) 

Details :

1) Students are required to complete 5 projects. Students will be able to bring back their finished pieces

2) All projects can be completed within 7 sessions. 

3) Each session is about 3-4 hours

4) Price is inclusive of all materials required for the workshops 


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 Steps to Register for the Class

1) Select your preferred timing, indicate your mobile number, and click "register now" above

2) We take a registration deposit of $130 per pax via credit card or paypal online and balance of fees will be payable by cash/nets in 2 instalment.

Once you have registered, our course coordinator will contact you to arrange the dates to fit your schedule.